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Now she may come of as some sort of introverted librarian or something like that because of her glasses, but make no mistake, Veronica Jett is a huge cockslut who’s ready to suck cock any day of the year! Now those innocent looks can get a guy really hard, and that’s just what it does to her partner in this hardcore episode. He gets his dick really hard while she undresses and he’s ready by the time she’s stripped down and naked. Then her ordeal begins, because he’s got a huge boner and she has to swallow down every last inch of it!
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She has her mouth wide open and he takes it easy at first, having her suck on his shaft just partway through. But that clearly isn’t enough. Soon she has to take in the entire length of his shaft as he pounds hard into her mouth, and soon she’s gagging at the effort. His engorged penis fills her mouth and soon there isn’t even room for her saliva in there, and it comes flowing out as he face fucks her deep. Now this is the kind of cock that she’s been hoping for, and even as she chokes on it, she feels really horny and satisfied. Soon he pulls away form her face and starts jacking off into her open mouth, and he knows that she’s a real cockslut to take that kind of face fucking and still open her mouth for the spooge he’s about to unload on her. Those are the kind of sluts you can find an Gagalicious, so you’d better check the site out now!

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You’d find it easy to get hard for a cutie like Kacey Villaines, and so does her partner in this hardcore face fucking session. With her blonde hair and perfect body, you might want to cover her body in kisses, but this guy does it differently and he fills her mouth with his enlarged cockmeat until she starts gagging on it!
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Sliding his meaty sausage into her mouth really feels great, and soon he’s plunging it even deeper into her maw, triggering her gag reflexes! She tries to take it all in and swallow every last, but it’s harder than it looks, especially when he has her down on her back and he’s really reaming her face. It pushes down deep into her mouth and soon she’s gagging hard and coughing up gobs of spit, which slowly drips down her face. He’s unstoppable as she makes her take this deepthoating until he’s ready to huge cum. Only then does he pull out of her mouth and she can get some air! Now if that kind of hardcore cocksucking turns you on, then you’re definitely the kind of guy who belongs on Gagalicious!

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Now of all the sluts here who have a hard time eating cock, I’d have thought that Kaci Starr would do fine. But she ended up expelling a huge amount of spit and liquid on this guy’s boner, making it a real messy deepthroating indeed! She starts out sucking the guy’s stiffy and you have no idea how dirty it’ll get as she does it so easily. But then she hasn’t had the entire length of his fuckrod down her throat yet, and that’s probably what triggers her gag reflex. But still even without her coughing up all that junk, she’s already making quite a mess of the cocksucking, with her saliva running down his crotch.
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Then he starts face fucking her hard, and she starts retching. Even with her on top, she starts deepthroating hard and ends up with a river of saliva and spew running down this lucky guy’s pecker! This slut must have a hairtrigger on her gag reflex because of all the nasty stuff she ends up spilling on this guy’s dick! Now that’s a real turn on it must feel real good, fucking her face with all that spit as a lubricant, and soon he’s ready to cum and Kaci has her mouth open, waiting for the good stuff to come spilling down on her. For a gal who can’t take a huge cock down her throat, she’s pretty eager to swallow what comes out of it! See all the hardcore action with Kaci Starr on Gagalicious and you’ll thank yourself for it.

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A nasty slut like Layla Rivera ought to be used to sucking cock, but the huge boner she got here was just too much for her. Or maybe it was the hardcore face pounding that she got that eventually had her choking on all that spit! A sexy redhead whore, she was horny for some action, and boy did she get it when her partner got hard immediately and started humping her mouth good and hard.
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Soon her mouth was having a hard time keeping its open position as she was getting her throat pounded really good. She had to give up sometimes just to cough up all a huge load of spit, and that just made her partner attack her mouth even harder! Showing no mercy, she had to give a deepthroating with spit all over her face and her mascara running because of it. But being the slut that she is, Layla made it to the end with the guy all satisfied and ready to explode. Well, who wouldn’t be satisfied with the kind of cocksucking that she gave him? He had his cock all covered in spit and puke at the end, and that’s the kind of service you just can’t beat. And if you feel the same, then Gagalicious is the place for you! See the finest cocksucking gag reflex photos and Blowjob HD Videos over on that site, and you’ll definitely be a satisfied guy!

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Now wouldn’t you want to get lucky with this slut named Lucky Benton? I bet you do, and she’ll definitely make your cock a happy john of her brand of gagging-filled oral sex. It’s not that Lucky can’t suck a cock real good. No, she just loves the gagging sensation that she gets when she has to swallow a huge fuckrod!
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Like in this session right here. Lucky begins by sucking this dick just like an ordinary big cock. But then, the larger it gets, the more Lucky wanted to take it, until it fills her entire mouth and soon she’s choking at the yummy feeling of her gag reflex going to work. And so she widens her mouth even more with her fingers just so she can swallow the entire erection in one go! Now if that sort of cocksucking pleases you, make sure you join the rest of the gag reflex addicts over on Gagalicious. Because it’s not a blowjob without the bitch in question crying and heaving up gobs of spit, am I right?

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But did Natasha succeed? Well that depends if you consider success as a slut like her gagging on the cock she’s deepthroating. Now if that means that she did a good job, then you’ll want to check out this extreme cocksucking video! Now Natasha’s got a real beautiful face, but even the prettiest face out there turns foul when she has to put a cock in its mouth until her gag reflex takes over. And it’s not like her partner made it easy for her either! No, he really fucked her face real good, just to satisfy himself. No way is he thinking of her comfort when he pushes his dick into her open mouth. She can choke on it as long as her cums hard in the end!
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And eventually, he does. But not after Natasha Nice has a harrowing time with the intense face fucking she got, coughing up loads of spit and who knows what else. She even has her nose pinched while she’s giving her teen blowjob, making it difficult to breathe with the huge cock down her throat. So, does Natasha consider this a successful blowjob that satisfied her partner? Well, if you consider the fact that she was plucking at her pussy like crazy while sputtering and gagging all the while, I guess you can. Check out Gagalicious for even more of this hardcore cocksucking episode!

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Licking up some cum from her hands is one of Rachel Roxxx’s perks at her job. And she still gets to do it here, although she had to lick up a lot more of her spit after it got mixed in with the spooge after the deep throat job that she had to do. Her partner had a huge cock, and normally for a slut like Rachel that was absolutely no problem. But the way he pounded her face like she was just a blowup doll really had her choking on his huge erection. This guy showed no mercy at all, the way he mouth-fucked this brown-haired hottie, and in no time, Rachel was spewing up loads of her saliva just like a sick dog.
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He fucked her every which way, trying to find a position where he could really drive it in deep, and Rachel had a hard time breathing the way her thrust up her throat. To give the guy credit, he let her come up for air once in a while, slipping his cock out for a few seconds while Rachel gasped and sucked in a few precious seconds of air. Then he plunged back in again, and this slut had to take it with her mouth open and drops of spit dripping out. But then she still got her reward in the end when he finally got to explode all over her grateful face, signaling the end of another sizzling hot gag-filled blowjob from Gagalicious!

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Here’s another slut from the Gagalicious stable of cock-hungry sluts, and this time it’s Tyla Wynn! Now she’s a real Hoover machine when it comes to deep throating cocks so we’re excited at the possibilities of some hardcore blowjob action from her. She’s pretty excited herself and spends some time waiting for her man to get hard by fiddling with her pussy! Now that’s a slut and-a-half right there!
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But when the action starts, you can see that even Tyla Wynn can have a difficult time with the sort of cock sucking Gagalicious expects of her. Her partner really slams his big boner in her mouth way down deep, until she can’t breathe anymore, before slipping it out all covered in spit. Now that’s really hardcore even for her, and soon she ends up dribbling all over herself as he thrusts into her mouth over and over, showing no release as she gags at his intense assault. So even Tyla Wynn can have a hard time sucking down cock, as long as it’s done the Gagalicious way! If you want to see more of that sort of fellatio action (although fellatio is such a tame word for what these girls experience), then check that link now!